More Hair-rifying Halloween ideas!

29 October 2014
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29 October 2014, Comments 0

Halloween is bearing down on us (with fangs and everything), and even though most of you have probably got your costumes sorted, some people still haven’t. There’s no need to panic! We can’t help with everything in the costume, but we can certainly help with the hair! Here are a few pictures for inspiration to help you look your best on Halloween.


This hugely haunting do is absolutely stunning, and every part of it, from the black roses to the jewellery, helps make it. But it would still be nothing without the beautiful dark hair. For hair this gorgeous, make sure to check out our clip in human hair extensions.

Halloween Human Hair Extensions


Next up is this curiously creepy doll-like look with wild, untamed hair. To get hair with this volume, make sure to grab some of our weave and weft human hair extensions!

Halloween Human Hair Extensions


This stunningly vibrant blue and purple Day of The Dead style is mind-blowingly beautiful. To get your hair looking this gorgeous, you’ll want our stick tip human hair extensions (also, lots of dye).

Halloween Human Hair Extensions


Finally, we come to this amazing, tiger style (for want of a better name) hairdo. Part of the beauty of this style is the length, and we can certainly help you there with our human hair extensions, perfect for dying creatively like this.

Halloween Human Hair Extensions

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