Rapunzels gorgeous human remy hair extensions at unbeatable prices. 

Nothing can be better than hair envy!

Having long luscious glossy locks is every womans dream. Having short thin straggly hair is no longer something we have to put up with. Hair extensions are a revelation! Whether it is a quick hair fix you need for a night out on the town with ready to wear Clip In hair extensions or a more permanent hair fitting such as our pre bonded stick i tips, nail u tips, nano tips or our micro ring micro loop hair. Or perhaps a sew in hair weave weft, you are certain to look fabulous with Rapunzels hair extensions.

Its good to know that our Rapunzels remy human hair extensions are ethically sourced from India. Indian remy is our favoured choice as it is fabulous hair to work with. If you want your hair straight you can simply blow dry straight and maybe just run your straighteners over them quickly or if you want a natural wave just leave to dry the hair naturally, or if you want some real curls then indian hair with its natural inherant wave will hold the curls for longer.

Hair disasters are a thing of the past. Ever over dyed or bleached your hair resulting in dry damaged hair that won't grow? Ever had a bad hair cut? Fancied a sleek bob then regretted it and want your long hair back! No problem with Rapunzels hair extensions, now you can add instand length and volume.

We have a fabulous range of hair extensions types in a gorgeous range of colours, weight and lengths. There is something to suit everyone and also prices to suit everyones budget. Yes our Rapunzels hair extensions are affordable!

Rapunzels Clip in hair extensions: Instant hair extensions that can clip in and out of your hair in seconds. Such and easy way to add instant length and volume, not to mention adding instant colour. Clip in hair extensions are so versatile, you can choose a hair shade that matches your own or you can go for a subtle change of colour or something like a much lighter blonde colour for amazing contrast when applied into your hair. Clip in hair used in this way can create a whole new look in seconds, adding coloured streaks, highlights or lowlights instantly which you can simply remove without causing any damage to your hair or the need to dye or bleach your own hair.

Rapunzels keratin pre bonded nail tips: Also known as u tip hair extensions. Tipped in high quality italian keratin glue which is both gentle on your hair but will also last in your hair on a permanent fitting for up to 3 months without maintenance. This means you can have months of enjoyment from your fabulous long hair without worry. The tips are the same colour as your natural hair so very undetectable when worn in your hair. They are applied by fusion bonding with a heat connector wand. We advise professional application and removal only.

Rapunzels stick tips: Also known as i tips, these are a popular choice for those looking for a more permanent extension but who don't want to bond to your own natural hair or use heat for the application. The tips are made of quality italian keratin glue, which can be applied professionally with micro rings and shrinkies. No heat is required making this method a popular choice which is gentle on your hair. Stick tip hair is great for adding quick highlights through your own natural colour without the damaging effects of bleaching. Or you may opt for a full head of these hair extensions for celebrity style glamorous length and volume.

Rapunzels nano tips: One of the newest revolutionary designed hair extensions systems on the market which can be applied very quickly without the use of heat or glue so are the gentlest form of extensions for your hair. Nano ring hair extensions are secured in the hair using tiny undetectable 1.5mm nano rings that are 90% smaller than a standard micro ring! These can be purchased easily.

Rapunzels Hair wefts: Hair wefts are an amazingly versatile form of hair extensions. Our hair extensions weave/wefts and machine sewn along the top so you can cut them to size so that you can use just how you wish. Whether you are looking to make your own clip in hair extensions, glueing them in with hair adhesive products, all over corn row braiding, LA weave style or sew in. these are just a few of the many ways you can apply hair wefts to create a glamorous celebrity look.


Micro loop extensions are the most simple and innovative extensions to apply. They can be applied very quickly without the use of heat or glue so are the gentlest form of extensions for your hair. The micro ring is already in place so all that is required is a pair of small angled pliers to secure the bond. For removal simply open the bond with a pair of small angled pliers and slide the bond out of your hair. Micro loops are rapidly becoming the most popular form of pre-bonded extension application. - See more at: http://rapunzels.dev.pogo-digital.co.uk/?route=product/product&product_id=272#sthash.expa40GJ.dpuf
0.5 gram bonds are a great choice if you require finer highlights to your hair as they are half the thickness of our 1 gram bonds.  They are suitable for all hair types and if applying several different colours will create a finer more subtle mix of colour.
Our bonds are sold in sealed bunches of 25. For a full head of 0.5 gram bonds we would suggest an average of 200 - 250 bonds. For a half head we suggest an average of 100-150 bonds. For shorter hair we would suggest adding an additional 25 bonds due to the long length of the hair to ensure you create a natural look. 
- See more at: http://www.rapunzelshairextensions.com/U-tip-nail-tip-hair/24-inch-0/half-gram-pre-bonded-0/0-5-Gram-24-inch-Pre-Bonded-Nail-Tip-Colour-16-Caramel-Blonde-25-Strands#sthash.ThhJVZhM.dpuf