Is it human hair, can it be curled, straightened, dyed etc?

We are very passionate about hair extensions and have been selling quality human hair extensions for over 16 years We are dedicated to providing hair extensions with continutity of quality and colour to our buyers. With regards to dying our hair, we would never suggest dying/tinting or toning blonde colours under any circumstance as the processing techniques to achieve our blonde hair colours can sometimes have an unpredictable effect on dying them other colours, the hair is highly processed and bleached and to add further tints/colour can dry the hair and affect the shelf life of the hair and outcome.  We would never suggest bleaching, stripping hair extensions (ie going from brown to blonde or other extreme colours) as this can give unpredictable results as they have already been bleached/stripped and dyed in the factory. We do not accept any liability for dying/toning any of our hair, you do so at your own risk and once altered we do not accept any returns on dyed/toned/altered hair. We would always recommend dying your hair to the colour of the extensions rather than vice versa as further processing will damage the extensions and the shelf life of the hair. If dying any hair extensions please ensure you test dye a small piece first before you dye the whole lot to ensure your desired result.  As you can return the remainder of the hair for a refund if you are unhappy, but once you have dyed the whole lot, we cannot accept any return.

With regards to straightening/curling our hair extensions, it is human hair and you can straighten and curl, but as the hair is highly processed and dyed this will  cause drying to the ends of the hair and any high heat will fry the ends, if you must use heat do not use over 150 degrees (no GHD's). You will achieve exactly the same result by drying the hair straight with a flat paddle brush or using non heat curlers over night.  We accept no liability for the use of heat tools on the hair and do not accept returns on hair that has been straigthened or curled with heat tools.

Our fantastic feedback is testimonial to the great quality hair that we supply so you have complete confidence in us.

I am not sure what colour will match my hair?

Why not make use of our colour matching service!. Looking at colour charts on websites is very hit and miss, just drop an email to [email protected] with a couple of photos of your hair taken in natural daylight and we will advise of the best colour match we have available or what we feel would be suitable.

How do I make Payment?

We accept:

  • PayPal
  • Credit Card


When will I receive my item?

All items are shipped within 1 to 2 working days of receiving payment. As a general rule, when you have made payment following guide should be used to expect delivery.

WITHIN UK - 1 to 4 working days
WITHIN EUROPE - 4 to 8 working days
WORLDWIDE - 7 to 10 working days

We use Royal Mail as our courier. Within UK items are shipped via FIRST CLASS RECORDED DELIVERY. Whereas international items are shipped via ROYAL MAIL INTERNATIONAL SIGNED FOR SERVICE. In both cases a signature is required to receive the item, so someone should be at the delivery address to receive the item. International shipping is subject to an additional 5% to cover insurance. Items must be sent insured due to the value.

Special Next day delivery is available at checkout. This incurs an additional charge, there are different options at checkout. IMPORTANT NOTE: To ensure your special delivery is sent the same day it is paramount that you pay before 10am. We only post Mon - Fri.

If you make payment after this time your item may not be posted until the next working day, this is because our post is collected at different times. Please remember that you have a client or special occasion you must ensure that you make payment by 10am to guarantee postage the same day.

My item has not arrived?

If you are in the UK please allow 5 working days before contacting us for an item not received, sometimes items can be delayed. After 5 working days please contact us and we will track your item. Rest assured we will always replace or refund an item if it does not arrive, but we have to allow 10 working days for Royal Mail to declare the item as lost before we can do this. If you are OUTSIDE OF THE UK please allow 10 working days before contacting us for an item not received, there can be delays between the 2 postal services. After 10 working days please contact us and we will track your item. Rest assured we will always replace or refund an item if it does not arrive, but we have to allow 15 working days for Royal Mail to declare the item as lost before we can do this. Remember post can be subject to delays at busy times of the year, please allow for this.

What if I am not happy with an item or How do I return an item for a refund?

We offer a 14 day returns policy and you are entitled to return your hair extensions within this time. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your product, you can return to us "as delivered' for a refund. If the product is faulty or we send it in error, you can also return it withn 14 days for a replacment. We advise to send all items tracked to ensure safe delivery. If we make a mistake we will always refund you any postage charges incurred as a goodwill gesture. For items being returned "As Delivered" means the item needs to be in new unaltered and unused condition. For hygene reasons we can only offer refunds on hair products that have not been used, worn or tampered with. If you feel an item is not as described we will need to assess the hair and test the hair before a decision can be made. Remorse returns/items that are as described will be refunded less the original shipping cost as this has been used to deliver the item at no fault to us.

Clip in Hair extensions:
For hygene reasons we cannot refund used hair or hair with the gold hygene ties broken under any circumstances - Colour, thickness & hair quality is quite accessible by removing the sellophane packing you can then look at & feel the hair, hold the colour up to your own etc. You do not need to cut the hygene ties to do any of the above!. Doing so makes any return void for hygene reasons.

Pre Bonded Hair Extensions:
For hygene/re sale reasons we cannot refund used hair or bonds that are not in their original bunches of 25 under any circumstances, once the gold hygiene ties are removed you void your return - Colour, thickness & hair quality is quite accessible by removing the sellophane packing you can then look at & feel the hair, hold the colour up to your own etc. You do not need to break into the bond bunches to do any of the above!.

Hair Weft Extensions:

Colour, thickness, length, quality etc are all accessible without going ahead and cutting into the hair extensions. We are happy for you to remove the hair extensions from the packaging to access this.  If you are unsure about the suitablility/quality of the hair before using it please seek the advise of a professional hair extensionist. If you wish to test the hairs suitability prior to using we are happy to send out a small test piece for testing/dyeing etc. Always use a weft sealant when applying hair wefts as standard to prevent shedding.

*Please note*
We do not accept the responsibility of home hair dye kits, the results are incredibly unpredictable on your own hair, let along processed hair extensions - best stick to a professional salon!. We accept no liability and we do not suggest lightening hair extensions with bleach, we always suggest buying a lighter colour and dying darker. We do not advise dyeing/bleaching/tinting/toning light blonde colours as further processing can damage the hairs shelf life and colour result is very unpredictable. The use of heat tools will impair the life span of your extensions as heat damage is irrepairable. Heat defense sprays and rich conditioners are always advised and to prolong the life of your hair keep heat tools to a minimum. Lighter blonde colours due the the highly processed nature will not last as long as darker less processed colours. Aftercare is everything and we only recommend you use our recommended products that we state on the aftercare sent with the hair extensions. Depending on how the hair is worn and treated it can last as little as a month or as long as 5 months. Our hair extensions alone cannot damage your hair but unqualified fitting/removal and bad aftercare can.

It is down to each buyer to assess the hair upon receipt and deem acceptance of that hair before cutting into it, or using it on your body. If for any reason you are unhappy about any part of the product please DO NOT proceed and use it, rendering it unresaleable. You have the option at this point to return it. For hair wefts we advise the use of a weft sealant when applying to limit possible shedding.

In no event will we be liable for any direct, indirect, punitive, incidental, special or consequential damages whatsoever arising from the mis-use of our products. It is essential that you are properly trained and experienced in these fields before applying any of our extensions. Our pre bonded hair is a italian keratin based glue and can be removed in a variety of ways, the most common being the crack and slide method with pliers. If you are in any doubt about your capabilities with regards to use/suitability please seek the professional advise of a qualified expert in this field. Do not apply a product or have a product applied that you are unsure of without seeking professional advise first to ensure that you are completely happy. Unfortunately we are unable to accept any liablity for third party use as it cannot be truely known how the hair was worn and treated.


How to care for your Rapunzels Extensions:

You may use your own favourite brands for your hair extensions but Rapunzels have been selling hair for 13 years and our favoured high street brand which we have found surpassed many other elite extension ranges is Herbal Essences shampoo and conditioner (light blue bottles for dry/damaged hair). Also invest in Organix Moroccan dry oil spray or L'oreal Extraordinary oil - apply this liberally to the ends of your hair before blowdrying straight with a flat paddle brush and before straightening to replace moisture. Always use a good heat defense spray if straightening or curling and ensure you avoid GHD's as we find them too hot for processed hair. Always keep straighteners and curlers below 150 degrees so as not to fry and dry the ends. Blonde hair needs to be treated with great care as it is highly processed and like with all brands of extensions will not last as long as dark colours.
You must style extensions after washing and conditioning...you can not just "wash and go" firstly because any bonds will break down if left in wet and damp conditions, so the extension hair and bonds must be fully dried. Also raw hair must go through a process of de-coloring and re-coloring before it is made into the extension in order to conform to homogenous colors so that the customer will always get the same color.  Because of this process, all extensions will not look optimal if just let air dry. You will need to add a styling method such as blow drying straight or using a round brush to curl as you blow dry.  Once you have done this, it will usually last a few days until your next wash. We suggest washing 2-3 times per week. 

Just remember that long hair is very fragile, whether your own or extensions. Never use too much heat as it may, over time, damage your hair and extensions. Always use the lowest possible settings and never direct the blowdryer onto the bonds for too long as this may cause them to get too hot and melt. Absolutely avoid swimming pools, saunas and sunbeds. Never ever sleep with wet hair, always ensure fully dry and tie in a loose ponytail before bed. Hair extensions can last from 1-5 months depending on how they are worn, applied and treated. Our hair is indian origin AAA middle grade affordable human hair.

How do I return my product?

Returns are within 14 days of receipt.

You can return your item with an enclosed note of your name and email address to:


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Legend Trading UK

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